Border Collies

My ideal dog is one who excels at stock work at home, who is willing and biddable enough to be able to take to a trial on the weekend. With the move to a more remote area in Canada, I have not had much time or opportunity to attend stock dog trials. That does not mean that our dogs get to do nothing. They are worked daily with moving the sheep on our grazing projects, gathering the cows, sorting and moving sheep through pens, treating sick animals and gathering the sheep at night for night corralling. A day does not go by without the need for the collies.

I only breed the very occasional litter of border collies, primarily to keep a pup to train for myself. When I do breed a litter of border collies, I consider the working ability of the dogs, the bloodlines, the temperament, it’s train-ability in finding suitable combinations.
I strive for determined, forward moving dogs who are not afraid to go in and move stock.

My focus is to maintain the working dog, one who is keen, alert, has a balance between style and power, who is confident and sociable to have as an all round work dog.
If you would like to know more about my collie dogs, please feel free to contact me  about them.