If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this litter, please fill out the puppy application form, so that we have all your information in one place when we have a female bred. Please take a moment to read our PURCHASING A PUPPY PAGE

The pups are:

well bred, from proven working parents, well socialised, raised with stock, vaccinated, wormed, health checked, microchipped and registered.

From us you can expect:
life long support, clear and accurate information, involvement and good advice. Please take the time to read our policy about purchasing a pup, here you will find the information about costs, expectations and guarantees. For people who would like to learn more about the breed, or about flock guardians, or just want to chat.. you are welcome to EMAIL or phone 1-780-523-9911 

Our puppies are raised with a lot of care, we select our Sarplaninac on a number of factors such as character, temperament, health, build, and appropriateness towards the livestock that they have to guard. The pups are raised with livestock and handled by us and our children. All the pups are fully vaccinated, dewormed, micro chipped and registered.

If you are interested in a well bred, from excellent lines, Sarplaninac pup then please feel free to contact us for more information. However, before you email or phone us take a moment to read this first:

Getting a pup requires a number of commitments from you in order for it to “work out”:

It requires a time and supervision commitment. You need to be able to watch what the pup is doing, correct mistakes and problems as it goes along. You must be willing to facilitate the pup so that it can become a reliable adult.

You must be prepared to make a training area, one which is pup proof, escape proof, livestock proof. The pup must have a place to be able to escape to from the livestock.
A home and family guardian also needs a safe and well enclosed yard.

All pups go through a terrible stage, where they will wonder (if they can escape), pull wool, chase stock. Typically around 9-17 months. This is the time when most livestock guardian dogs and pets are teenagers and will explore boundaries. This is a challenging time and one of the most decisive stages. No supervision and guidance in this stage is a recipe for disaster.

All pups need some basic training, also ones living 24/7 out with the stock. They need to come to you when you call their name, be able to walk on a leash, travel in a vehicle and accept being chained or cabled for a while, they need to learn to accept handling so they are safe to deal with at the vet and for basic grooming.

Be prepared and willing to look for advice if things do go haywire. Sometimes a small tip or change in pattern is all it takes to turn a poor situation around.
If things are not progressing as planned, look for and ask for help from us. We know our dogs and are always willing to assist.