Our own sheep farm, in the Netherlands, was one of the first farms to be used for grazing projects,  grazing  areas such as city parks, dykes, nature reserves, road side ditches and military grounds. Our company had a number of employees and grew into a thriving vegetation control company. We were involved in direct marketing of our lambs and  learn’t how the meat industry functions. With our decision to move to Alberta, we sold our company in Netherlands  and have started up our sheep and cattle ranch in northern Alberta.

Louise Liebenberg has a Bachelor of Science degree. Louise has been involved with a number of organizations and breeding programs. Our flock of sheep in the Netherlands was a rare sheep breed, Louise got involved with the Rare Breeds organization, making breeding plans to minimise inbreeding in  small population. She was also involved in a multi million euro project in the Netherlands involving the electronic identification of sheep and the impact this would have on the sheep industry. Louise is also very involved with predator management (specifically non lethal management) and the overall managing of sheep flocks.

We are avilable to do on farm consultancy, nutrition and management advisory work. We can provide lectures to varoius organizations and can consult about grazing projects.

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