In the media

Carnivore Damage Prevention News

I wrote an article for the CDP News on  LGD in Canada. 
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The Rise of Livestock Guardian Dogs

This recent articel by Lauren Dixon appeared in the magazine “Raised in the West”.
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Alberta Wilderness Association

Article about us and Joe Englehart regarding Ranchers and Wolves: A better way. By Carolyn Campbell
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Jess Verstappen wins Premiers Award

Jess won the prestigious Premiers Award in 2014. This is the Top award for a 4-H member in Alberta. Read about her accomplishment in the ALBERTA FARMER EXPRESS.  Here is another artcile on her accomplishments published in the Peace Country Sun

Jess makes the news in the Western Producer.

Celebration of Wildlife in Calgary 2014

I spoke at the 2014 CELEBRATION OF WILDLIFE conference in Calgary in 2014. Here is a clip on you tube of this event.

Motherearth Article about puppies

Another MOTHEREARTH publication of an article I wrote about the importance of puppies remianing longer with their mother and siblings.

Motherearth Article

An interesting and integrated article that was published by MOTHEREARTH on guardian dogs and their use to prevent predation of livestock.

Our Ranch in the Media

Our ranch is now and then in the media. We are very proud of our ranch and what we do. To read the article, open the attachment or link provided. Some are in English and the occasional one is in Dutch…

I spoke at the Celebration of Wildlife conference in Calgary. The following article appeared in the American Sheep magazine:THE SHEPHERD  (click on this link to learn how to subscribe to either the paper copy or receive digital editions)

Article in Dutch Agricultural magazine

This article was published in the Dutch Farming Magazine DE BOERDERIJ
This piece primarily covers our move to Alberta. Another, Dutch article about our Ranch in a Dutch Magazine DE NIEUWE OOGST

Living with Wildlife Conference Vancouver 2013

I was a guest speaker at the Living with Wildlife Conference in Vancouver in 2013. To hear a part of the presentation CLICK HERE and then scroll down to may name to listen to the podcast.

Alberta Farmers Express

After giving a presentation at the Alberta Sheep Breeders Association the following appeared in the The Alberta Farmers Express

Predator Friendly Certification

When our ranch became the first ranch in Canada to be certied Predator Friendly. I was asked to do an interview with Alberta Prime Time. To watch the short video please click on this LINK

Alberta Sheep Breeders Association

I was invited to give a presentation about raising Livestock Guardian Dogs at the 2011 Alberta Sheep Breeders Symposium. Here you can find the summery of the presentation I gave at the symposium, you will need to scroll down to page 53 of the whole Symposium proceedings.

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