Purchasing a pup

How we “do” things here as regards to our pups.

We generally only breed one or two sarplaninac litters per year.
If you are interested in purchasing a pup from us, please read all the information below,
which will outline the costs, shipping, guarantees and other pertinent information for you to consider.



Waiting List

You are welcome to contact us about being placed on a “waiting list”. This waiting list is simply a list of people who are interested in possibly buying a pup from us. No deposit is required to be on the waiting list.
People on our waiting list will be contacted by email or telephone when we are planning a breeding, when the breeding takes place, and when the puppies are born.

Information of a potential litter, the birth and litter will be placed on the website and blog. No rights or placement selections are based on this list.
It is simply a list of people who have indicated they would be interested in a pup.

These forms will help us better assist you in finding the right pup for you situation, and, that we have all the information of people who are interested in a pup, in one place.



Deposits/Down payment

We take deposits to ensure that the people who are seriously interested in purchasing one of our puppies, have placement priority.

The deposit amount is $500.00.
The deposit will be deducted from the purchase price of a puppy.
Deposits are non-refundable, so please make sure you are ready/ sure /confident that you have enough information to purchase a puppy before you place a deposit.

We accept deposits on puppies once they are born.

Placement priority will be in order of the deposits received: meaning that the first person to place a deposit on the litter will be the first consideration for placement; the second person will be the next consideration for placement; the third person to place a deposit will be the third consideration for placement, etc. We decide which pup is suitable to go to which owner. We try to match the pup with the family based on temperament and work required. The new owner can of course decide on the gender of the pup, and we will take into consideration a personal preference as regards to color. However, we believe temperament is more important than color!

For those people who have placed a deposit on a puppy, we will keep you informed on the progress of the litter with frequent updates and pictures though the website and blog.

When the puppies are born, we will contact people on the waiting list. You will have a few days to decide if you want a puppy from this litter or not.
If you decide you are not ready or do not want a puppy from this litter, your deposit can be put “on hold” until the next available litter.

However, if you choose to take a puppy from this litter, then later change your mind before receiving the puppy, the deposit will not be put “on hold” for a future puppy. You will forfeit your deposit.

Your deposit will be returned to you if we do not have: the gender you are looking for, if the pup does not pass the health checks, if the pup is not suitable for you, your family or situation, or for whatever other reason that may arise, you may choose to have your deposit refunded or have the deposit put “on hold” for the next available litter for priority placement.

Deposits will only be accepted by prior approval. Full payment must be received before the pup leaves our ranch.



Purchase Price

The purchase price of a 2021 pup is $1500 CAD, irrespective of gender. This is the price for a non-breeding pup, you will be expected to supply proof of spay or neuter at the appropriate age for the pup.
If you want to breed from your pup then this needs to be discussed before the purchase of the pup.
All our pups come with registration papers, microchip and age appropriate vaccinations.
No pup leaves our ranch under 9 weeks of age, preferably 10-12 weeks old.



Collecting the pup

Naturally, we would love to meet you and introduce you to our dogs and the pups in person.
You are welcome to come and visit and stay a few days when collecting your pup.
If that is not a possibility, we can arrange for shipping.




Shipping can be arranged to most destinations in the world,
all shipping costs are for the purchaser.

If you are wanting a complete quote, including shipping, crate, vet papers etc, please feel free to email us.
I can contact various airlines to see what the possibilities and costs will be.
You are also welcome to contact International Pet shipping companies for quotes directly.



Puppy Guarantees

7 Day “Health” Guarantee: Your puppy is guaranteed against any health problems for 7 days from purchase. They will have been health checked by a vet prior to leaving our ranch. It is YOUR responsibility to take  the pup to your vet within 7 days to be checked over.

24 months Hip guarantee: Your puppy is guaranteed against “severe” hip dysplasia until 24 months of age. If your pup does develop hip dysplasia, you need to contact us ASAP with the x rays and accompanying hip report ( OFA). If your dog is unable to work as a LGD because of this, we will replace the pup from a future litter. Remember, we expect you to raise your pup in such a way that the development of hip dysplasia is  minimized, do not let your pup become overweight, do not allow him to climb stairs, play on slippery floors, he should have adequate opportunity to move freely in order to develop muscle tone, he should be fed a balanced and healthy diet.
The expectation is that you will raise him in such a manner as to reduce the possibility of injury and damage to the joints of the pup.

12 Month Congenital/Hereditary Disease Guarantee: Your puppy is guaranteed for any hereditary or congenital defect or disease that would physically prevent your puppy from performing as a livestock guardian dog or that is severe enough to require that the puppy be euthanized. We will offer you a replacement pup from the next available litter.

Livestock guardian dogs: if you have any problems or issues with your dog and your stock, it is your responsibility to contact us and discuss the issues you are having before you decide that it needs to be re-homed! It does take work, supervision and facilitation to ensure that your dog does become a stable working dog. We will assist you in every possible way we can.




We would advise you to  spay or neuter your pup at an appropriate age.  All pups are sold on a spay or neuter contract.
If you are interested in breeding with your pup, please discuss these options with us before you purchase the pup.
We highly recommend that future health testing is done prior to your dog being bred.



Return policy

We believe a dog should go to a home and that will  be the home for the duration of the dog’s  life, however we understand that sometimes things just don’t work out and the dog may need to be re-homed in some extreme situations. To prevent the need for re-homing due to behavioral issues, we expect you to inform us of any issues that may be developing. Most problems can be solved before they become an issue. We expect puppy buyers to maintain contact and ask when in doubt. You should be well informed about the breed before you purchase a puppy and have a good understanding about the nature of this breed.

Our policy is that any pup we have bred may be returned to us at anytime in its entire life. The responsibility /cost to get it back to us, is for the owner. We will not refund or buy back the dog. The dog, its papers and a signed transfer needs to accompany the dog.
In the event that the dog needs to be re-homed our first focus will be to try and work together with you to re-home the dog directly to a new place from its original home, as most sarplaninacs do not handle well being moved around a lot.

No dog or pup may be re-homed, or sold without first speaking to us.
With the purchase of your pup you will be required to sign a purchase agreement.