The sheep and cattle are the core business, all other activities revolves around this. We have our Sarplaninac guardian dogs to protect the sheep and cattle from predators.
The border collies help us work with our stock and to be efficient in handling them.

Our goal is to raise healthy, robust sheep and cattle, grow to the point of being able to market our meat products directly to the consumer through farmgate sales. We finish our own cattle and lambs to butcher weight. We feed them locally grown hay, barley and peas. 


I raise commercial dorset and suffolk crosses.
The sheep are used for grazing projects in the summer months and produce slaughter lambs.
Our goal is to produce top quality lamb and build a market of direct farm sales.
I finish some of our own lambs to slaughter weight on the ranch.
Every year I sell a number of lambs, both ewe lambs and market lambs, to various 4-H Clubs.

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Predator management

Red and Black Angus Cattle

We have a mixed herd of about 120 red and black Angus cattle. Some of these cows are registered with the Canadian Angus Association.
The Angus is a hardy beef breed of cow that can with stand the extreme winter conditions here in Alberta, they have a superior meat quality.
The cows are easy keepers, easy calvers and good mothers.

My goal is to market home grown beef directly to the consumer, through farm gate sales. I sell a number of bull yearlings calves and club calves each year.
We have a number of excellent 4-H calves for sale each year. Our calves have been regular rate of gain winners as well as Club Champions.