Grazing Projects

We strongly believe in buying locally,
knowing who andwhere our food is being produced.

We offer high quality lamb, beef and free range eggs directly from our ranch to your family.

Our lamb and beef is  raised with care for both the animals and the environment.
We are certified Predator Friendly, so do not kill any predators to produce our  lamb and beef.

Being good stewards of our land is very important to us. We adhere to organic principles, not utilising hormones or spraying of chemicals. We believe in honest meat, where animals are treated with care and respect, and the land is kept healthy. Our animals are finished on a ration of barley, peas and hay, all locally sourced from our neighbours.

Our  ewe’s lamb at various times of the year,  this way we can ensure a year round supply of fresh lamb. Our calves are born in springtime, they graze the pastures in the summer.
Tender, lean, healthy and flavorful meat from our ranch, to your family.


 We offer whole or half carcasses of lamb.
A whole lamb carcass weights about 45-50 lbs. This can be cut and portioned as follows:
(or however you would prefer.)


Our beef is pure Angus meat, well finished and perfectly marbled.
We offer Beef in whole, half and quarter packages. Ready for the freezer.

For great beef recipes, please visit the Alberta Beef website:

How to Order:

The easiest and quickest way to order your meat package of fresh, locally produced beef and lamb is to phone or email us.
In this way, we can talk about how you would like your meat cut and wrapped. 

Ph: 1-780-523-9911 or email us to order your tasty and healthy beef and lamb for your family.